CNIB Homepage

CNIB wanted to change the preconceptions surrounding accessible design. The website provided an opportunity to engage key audiences with full sight, partial and complete vision loss in a new way. The guiding principle for CNIB was to have the site push the limits of what accessible design could deliver to all audiences.

Design Solution

The new site addresses the misconception that an accessible design must be a plain one. CNIB now engages audiences throughout Canada and worldwide with a web presence that delivers on the promise for all audience needs – regardless of the accessibility requirements of each reader.

CNIB Landing Page

Perceivable Design

Content is King (a11y)

Content is rich, the design is impactful, and for many visitors the expectations surrounding accessible web content have changed forever. Key design accomplishments include optimization for screen readers, simplified navigation and information retrieval, and accessibility for those with partial vision loss.

The design treatment allows for text scaling and high-contrast modes to support greater accessibility. Tools such as “skip to content” and “change contrast” enhance the user experience for all audiences.

Low Vision + Colour Blindness

The high-contrast design supports those with partial vision loss and reinforces the brand values of CNIB. The quick-launch navigation allows users to access information throughout the site quickly, in a single click, from any location.


Project Notes

  • Project was originally launched in 2010.

  • My original role was to work with CNIB in terms of the page template designs.

  • I was tasked with Information Architecture (IA) studies to help define the sites navigation.

  • The CNIB recently refreshed their website with a new design in 2019. Unfortunately I was not involved with the re-design. I have decided to include this project because it was the catalyst for my research on Accessible Design for the web.